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new products

Sunbasket is certified
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IBC spill pallets


IBC spill pallet, removable desk with sump capacity 1100 liters,
            robust durature chemicals resistant
Cod : Ecosun C1
polyethylene spill pallet for a safe use of IBC to prevent spilling to contaminate the environment

nestable for an easier transport

attested by RINA
tested by RINA

Cod: Ecosun C1
142 x 142 cm H 100 cm

We produce in Italy these sump pallets with rotational moulding from 100% virgin polyethylene
Grate made from polyethylene - PE

Good corrosion protection acid and alkaly resistant

One-piece, lightweight
Forkliftable and nestable
Protects your workplace, enviroment and personnel

vaschetta per un prelievo in sicurezza

Cod: EcosunSP + EcosunBA2
connectable pail for safe dispensing

vasca di raccolta con pilastro di rinforzo

pilastro di rinforzo per vasca di raccolta per 1 IBC

Cod: EcosunPI
pillar to increase the capacity loading of the 1000L bund




Ecosun C1

Ecosun C2



Ecosun MR

DE 40



IBC support

IBC spill pallet



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