Sunbasket is a rotomoulder since 1972

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Sunbasket is certified
ISO 9001:2015




ADR 2015 ( European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road )
IMDG CODE 2012 ( International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code )

UN approved

Our IBCs ( intermediate bulk container ) are UN approved according to ADR , RID and IMDG code.

Each IBC has an individual certificate .
After an interval of not more than two years and half the IBC shall be inspected and tested.
After five years from the date of the manufacture the certificate expires and the IBC cannot be used
for transportation of dangerous goods.


Quality assurance: the IBCs shall be manufactured, remanufactured, repaired and tested under a quality assurance programme which satisfies the competent authority


No used material - may be used in the manufacture of plastics IBCs.


For plastics drums and jerricans, rigid plastics IBCs and composite IBCs with plastics inner receptacles, unless otherwise approved by the competent authority, the period of use permitted for the carriage of dangerous substances shall be five years from the date of manufacture of the receptacles, except where a shorter period of use is prescribed because of the nature of the substance to be carried.

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