Sunbasket is a rotomoulder since 1972

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Sunbasket is certified
ISO 9001:2015



IBC 1000 liters UN certified - all polyethylene

Code: CH1

Product UN certified - UN31H2
numbered individual certificate


all plastic IBC 1000 liter UN certified 31H2 
			  according to ADR-RID-IMDG Code,
              corrosion resistant, for trasportation of hazardous liquids
Plastic IBC - 1135 mm x 1135 mm x H 1320 mm

CH1 is a plastic IBC, UN certified 31H2
according to ADR - RID - IMDG,
approved for trasportation of hazardous liquids
assimilated to standard liquids : acetic acid,
nitric acid, water ( sulphuric acid etc.)

strong and durable, corrosion resistant

nevermore rust

virgin polyethylene

12 mm
polyethylene tank wall thickness

112 kg
IBC tare weight

maximum density
of transported liquids


The IBCs passed also the vibration test.
Approved for the Classes : 3-4.2-4.3-5.1-5.2-6.1-8-9
Packing group II e III
Density 1,9

approved for food containment

Company logo
four way forklift and two way pallet jack entry
large recess for easy draining
x bottom drawing for total emptyness
bottom drain valve U-PVC 1,5"- 2"
pipe support
color pallet: gray ( standard), blue, orange
vacuum relief vent
pressure relief device

Our IBCs ( intermediate bulk container ) are UN certified according to ADR , RID and IMDG code.
Each IBC has an individual certificate of put in service.

After an interval of not more than two years and half the IBC shall be inspected and tested again.

After five years from the date of the manufacture the certificate expires and the IBC could not be used
for transportation of dangerous goods.

For plastics drums and jerricans, rigid plastics IBCs and composite IBCs with plastics inner
eceptacles, unless otherwise approved by the competent authority, the period of use
permitted for the carriage of dangerous substances shall be five years from the date of
manufacture of the receptacles, except where a shorter period of use is prescribed because of
the nature of the substance to be carried.

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