Sunbasket is a rotomoulder since 1972

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transport containers

IBCs UN approved
IBC 1000 liters all polyethylene
tanks for products not in ADR

storage tanks

storage tanks
tanks with containment

solutions for secondary
spill containment

IBC spill pallets
drums spill pallet
modular bund
rack sump
containment basins
outdoor storage cabinet
support for IBC
optional and spare parts

solutions for
handling and moving

new products
new products
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Sunbasket is certified
ISO 9001-2008


New products


Modular bund multiuse

Containment Basins

Polyethylene tipping skip

vasca di raccolta a carico diretto, robusta ed economica

vasca di raccolta per cisternetta 1000 L - ampia superficie 
	 di appoggio

2 drums bund direct loading

Sloping support

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